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About Ease Into Weight Loss

Ease Into Weight Loss is a series of online videos paired with a simple nutrition program that are meant for people who want to loss weight, but are not into the "insane" high-impact workouts that have become so popular recently.

The videos teach exercises from the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong which have been used to improve and maintain health in the Orient for centuries.  They are very easy on the joints to offer a safer workout, which helps reduce stress, and increase body metabolism.  They are low intensity which helps keep your body in a fat-burning mode during the each exercise and they are far more suitable for people trying to lose weight than many of the high-intensity programs available today.

The nutritional program is based on the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean herbology.  The herbs used in this program have a history of being used successfully for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean.  Yet, the nutritional side of "Ease Into Weight Loss" is incredibly simple to follow, in spite of the complexity of involved in creating it.

We do not charge anything for access to the videos or the schedule which you can use to follow the "Ease Into Weight Loss Program for time intervals ranging from 10 days to 90 days (and beyond if you wish).

How Does It Work?
Simply look to the right of your screen for the words:

Click on the program that you want to do and just follow the day-by-day instructions.  It's really that easy.

The evening work outs can be supplemented by attending a Tai Chi or Qigong class in your local area instead of doing the video work outs and we encourage you to incorporate training in a local class at least a few times to meet other people that enjoy these exercises, who can help encourage and motivate you. However, there are later videos that build upon previous videos and it is a good idea to still complete all of the scheduled videos at some point before moving on to new videos.

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